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Vacuum / Clamping System

Vacuum Kits

Strong clamping with over 1800 pounds/sq.ft of force to hold work pieces for sawing, sanding, forming and all Routing functions. No mechanical clamps to get in the way.

Heavy Duty system creates more holding force on porous materials and evacuates at twice the speed of the standard system.

VAK Pump
Part No. Description SCFM/PSI VAC/SCFM Each  
VP4 Standard Vacuum Kit 4/85 3.2 $160.00
VP6 SuperPro Vacuum Kit 6.5/85 5.2 $205.00
VP10 Industrial Vacuum Kit 13/85 10 $320.00
PV4 Standard Pedal Vacuum Kit 4/85 3.2 $305.00
PV6 SuperPro Pedal Vacuum Kit 6.8/85 5.2 $345.00
QD1 Pack of 5 Connectors $19.00
PVF Pedal Vac Filter fits PV4 and PV6 $42.00
VACUUM TAPES Each 6 12  
VT50 1/4" Wide x 50' Vac Tape $6.95 $6.15 $5.00