Buffing Supplies

Buffing Compounds - Sold by the Bar

All compounds are sold in 2" x 2" x 10" Bars
Approx. Weight is Listed

Part No. Item Description ≈ Weight Each 10 bars (1/2 Case) 20 Bars (Case)
Final Finish Compounds - Case of 20 Bars 64 Lbs.
White - Rouge C 15 Medium Wet 3.20 LB $10.15 $9.30 $7.95
Basic Finish Compounds - Fast Cutting - Case of 20 Bars 46 Lbs.
Red - Tripoli T-6 Medium Dry 2.3 LB $9.50 $8.70 $7.50

BEWARE! NOT ALL BARS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Heavier weight bars can contain MORE fillers and LESS cutting compounds. What you save in cost now will cost you MORE in lost time at the buffing wheel.

Buffing Wheels

Buffing Wheels
Part No. Description Each 6 12
10" x 80 Ply Loose Buff $23.24 $21.47 $18.65
10" x 40 Ply 1" Concentric Stitched Buff $14.90 $13.80 $12.03
Rake, for cleaning buffs $14.50 $13.00 $11.95

Buffs consist of LAYERS of Cotton Muslin with a weave of 60/60 with Fine Raked Edge. This provides a LONGER LASTING BUFF.

NOTE: Concentric stitched buffs eliminate the 'HARD SPOT' that spiral stitched buffs have.

PURPOSE OF THE RAKE: Commonly used to remove hardened compound and imbedded metal (also referred to as glazing) from the face of buffing wheels. This is a critical step in buffing to achieve optimal performance of the wheels and compounds. If glazing is not removed regularly, the compound will be unable to saturate the cloth and render the buff nearly ineffective.