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For PVC Sheet and PVC Wall Clad Materials

NEW! From FTM the Clad-Form™ PVC Strip-heater. The Clad-Form™ is specifically designed to give constant professional bends while working with all types of thermoplastic PVC materials. It is ideal for straight line bends or folds, and is capable of heating material up to 3mm thick.

Fabrication Tools and Materials, Inc. is The Fabricators Source® and leading manufacturer of plastic strip-heaters since 1985. FTM is proud to introduce the New Clad-Form™ heater for PVC sheet material. This new heater 10 FEET LONG! and offers much needed relief to those who work with PVC wall cladding and PVC general purpose sheet materials. The New Clad-Form ™ offers a well-crafted, durable, all aluminum design with built-in controller and patent pending inner workings. Coming in at just 10.3 Lbs. the CF120 is easily moved from shop to jobsite and back.

If you work with PVC cladding for walls, floors, counters or ceilings, the Clad-Form™ will provide precise bends year after year, bend after bend.

Part No. Description Heated Area Volts Watts Amps L x W x H Price
CF120 Clad-Form™ 120" x 1/8" 120 580 4.8 132" x 3-1/8" x 2-1/4" $1,785.00
Part No. Description Price
CF2X Aluminum Bending Bars with Handles (set of 2) 1@70" and 1@122" $98.00
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