Leister Hot Air Tools

Triac AT


  • Rugged design suitable for the work site
  • Adjustable digital temperature control setting
  • Adjustable air volume setting
  • Digital «e-Drive» display
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Dual Air Filters

The new Triac AT is ideal for plastic welding. It allows you to control your temperature and airflow separately. These two parameters are critical for many plastic welding applications. Temperature settings and airflow settings are easily viewed and adjusted using the new e-drive display. The Triac AT incorporates a temperature probe that guarantees a precise temperature. Dual air filters are easily removed for cleaning. The Triac AT features a protective heater tube for user safety. The Leister Triac AT has been designed with you the plastic welding professional in mind.

Model 141.316 Triac AT 120 V/1600W $575.00


  • Adaptor tube with heat protection
  • Electronic heating element protection
  • Motor shut-off at minimal carbon level
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Dual Air Filters

Leister’s Triac ST is the newest in the Leister line up. Replacing the Triac S, the Triac ST offers enhanced agronomical design and the same Dual Air Filters found in the Triac AT. The NEW ST is economical, extremely rugged, and designed with dependability and long life in mind. Simply plug in the tool and turn it on; select your temperature and you are ready to go. The tool is self-contained; there is no need for additional compressors or hoses.

Model 141.228 Triac ‘ST’ Hot Air Welder 120V/1600W $472.00
Model 141.227 Triac ‘ST’ Hot Air Welder 230V/1600W $519.00
Triac ST

Hot Jet S


  • The smallest Leister hot-air hand tool
  • Stepless, electronically controlled temperature
  • Stepless, electronically controlled air flow
  • Low noise
  • Flexible, integrated tool stand
  • Use with 107.144 5mm Nozzle

The Hot Jet S is Leister's most compact hot-air hand tool. It has a low weight of 1.3 lbs. including cord paired with a slim handle. This insures fatigue free welding with this high-powered welder. Used with 107.144 5mm tubular nozzle it can use any of the speed nozzles listed for the Triac ST and Triac AT.

Model 100.859 Hot Jet S 120V/460W $772.00


  • Suitable for all jobsites
  • Leister's most powerful hand tool
  • Easy-clean air filter
  • Carbon brush stop and heating element protection provide automatic protective measures

The new ELECTRON ST is a real powerhouse among Leister's hand tools. The appearance of this tool has been modeled after the new TRIAC range. For the user, this means improved ergonomics and, as a result, the ability to work in more comfort. Existing ELECTRON nozzles fit the new model.

Model 145.562 Electron ST (with 20amp US plug) 120V/2400W $578.00
Model 145.574 Electron ST (without plug) 230V/3400W $578.00

Minor Blower

Minor Blower Features:

  • Airflow: 400 liters/min – 14 CFM
  • Weighs 1.15 kg – 2.53 pounds
  • W/3 meter cord

Minor Blower (pictured with Diode S) The Minor Blower is small but mighty. This very powerful blower can provide ample airflow for the Diode. The Minor Blower combined with Leister welders provides a portable air supply.