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Acryl-Sanderâ„¢ is a custom tool designed for precisely sanding edges of acrylic vitrines. This tool consists of a block with four non-marring wheels to glide smoothly over the acrylic surface. There is an adjustable plate with a hook and loop surface that can sand acrylic edges perpendicular to the block using hook and loop backed sandpaper. The plate is adjustable and is designed for precisely sanding case edges up to 1" thick. Acryl-Sander can be used for solvent joints as well as two part glue joints. With proper use you can achieve a glass smooth seam free edge ready for flame polishing or buffing. This tool is most commonly used by hand but can be attach to a linier sander for faster results.

  • Controlled Edge Sanding
  • Durable HDPE Body
  • 4 Non-Marring Wheels
  • Ridged Aluminum Sanding Plate
  • Works with Hook and Loop Paper
  • 220,400 and 600 Grit Paper Included
  • Made in the USA

Tandem Edge Scraper
Tandem Edge Scraper
Tandem Edge Scraper
Part No. Description Price
AS90 Acryl-SanderTM for Edge Sanding $49.00
AS90P 10pk. Hook/Loop Sanding Paper $9.50

AS90P 10Pk. contains 41⁄2" x 61⁄2" hook/loop sanding papers, 3 pads each 220 & 600 grit and 4 pads 400 grit.